Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stop Child Abuse Radio Show with guest Jerome Elam, Staff Writer and Columnist for the Washington Times Communities Section

It was an amazing show last night with Bill Murray and his amazing panel Carol,M.J.,Ed. Lurleen, and Michelle Bliss. I was honored to be a guest and reach out to both survivors and victims of child abuse who remain trapped by silence to let them know we are no longer prisoners and our voices will be heard! You can listen to the archived version of the show here:

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  1. Hello, my good friend, Jerome! Welcome to the ranks of BlogTalkRadio podcasters, where Survivors of Abuse turn when ready to share their Survival Stories! I just listened in to a portion of your interview with Bill Murray. You are indeed, a true Survivor! It is evident as to why you follow the path of a writer and advocate, like many of us Survivors eventually do, in promotion of our healing processes. Thank-you for lending your voice in an effort to honor the memories of the many abused children of our world, that were robbed of this same chance, having been forever silenced by abuse. You did awesome! You sounded so strong and confident, and most of importantly, NOT BROKEN, by the effects of your abuse. You are a valiant inspiration to us all! Im certain that thru your courageous actions, other survivors of abuse, will find the strength within to come forward and Break their Silence, to free themselves from the darkness and shadows of their own imprisonment. I cant wait to be able to listen to your entire story from start to finish, and I am happy to help you share your survival story with the people of our world!